No doubt about it, people love neon! When you invest in a genuine neon sign for inside your business you are providing a unique form of accent lighting that both your customers and your employees will love.


Nothing glows quite like an authentic neon light. The natural luster of glass tube, when combined with the glow of the excited gasses within, creates a comforting glow of unmatched quality. Add to that a dazzling array of available colors and magic happens.


There is always a bit of art in a well-made neon sign. From the earliest design stages through production, an artist's touch is required every step of the way to ensure the finished product will help your business shine.

What you should know...

The skill required to create a genuine neon sign takes years to develop and decades to master, but when you consider the final product it's worth the effort! Genuine neon has the power to create an impact that the imitations simply can't hold a candle to.

Brand-Focused Lighting

Lighting places a huge roll in establishing the ambience of your interior space. A well designed neon sign can add another layer to that ambience while reinforcing your brand.

We will work with you to design a sign that will capture the public's interest so that they give your product or service the chance it deserves.

Case Study

When we were approached by designer Christen Joy to create an interior neon feature to be installed in the common area of a new luxury apartment complex, we jumped at the opportunity.

Working from basic site plans and material specs, we were able to create a jaw-dropping neon feature, which welcomes patrons to the on-site hot yoga studio.