We've all heard the adage "they don't make them like they used to." Well, at Fireline Neon Company, we do. We lean on classic, time tested building techniques and top quality craftsmanship to provide solutions to your modern-day signage needs.


Nothing glows quite like an authentic neon light. The natural luster of glass tube, when combined with the glow of the excited gasses within, creates a comforting glow of unmatched quality. Add to that a dazzling array of available colors and magic happens.


Sometimes it seems like this world just keeps getting louder, and the only way to capture someone's attention is to be the loudest. We take a different approach. Our legacy signs help you connect with your customers on an emotional level through feelings of nostalgia.

Rourke Art Museum Neon

What you should know...

Fireline Neon Company specializes in crafting legacy inspired signage 'the old way.' We take care to ensure your sign will present your business in the best light possible, and for generations to come.

Rourke Art Museum Neon

More Than a Name

To be successful, your sign has to do more than spell out your name on the side of a building. Everybody judges a book by its cover and your sign is the cover of your business.

We will work with you to design a sign that will capture the public's interest so that they give your product or service the chance it deserves.

Case Study

BernBaum's Restaraunt in Fargo ND came to us looking for a sign that communicates that New York deli vibe that characterizes their brand and the menu.

Using classic delicatessen signage as inspiration, the end result brings a historical element to the sign and to the personality of the storefront.